Rude Ladies

Hey All-

So today I want to introduce my latest project, the Rude Ladies. This project began back in June and was inspired by the unmitigated shitshow that has been 2020. It started when I was swearing up a storm one day and wondered if I actually knew 50 swear words or phrases. So I began making a list. Turns out that yes, yes I do use 50 different profanities on the regular. Who Knew?!?

Anyhow, I started pairing them with elegant line drawings of victorian ladies, because nothing beats a fancy dame spewing profanities.

However, I realize the Rude Ladies might not be everyones cup of tea, (and I've had a teensy bit of trouble with IG censoring the posts), so I am starting up an email list to send them without offending the sensibilities of people more mature than I am. Add your email here and leave a note you want more rude ladies! 

I'll be working on the Ladies through October before I transition to 50 euphemisms for penises in November. No idea what I'll draw on those...

If you're not possessed of an obscene sense of humor, I admire and respect that. My other studio work as been focused on sharing my Keep Breathing images of lungs made from different plants.

These will be available for the holidays with the Northwest Art Alliance through their holiday makers fair. I'll have more details on that soon! If you want to snap some up before then, sign up for my mailing list since I'll be sending out a little coupon for subscribers at the end of the month.

Thats all for now, stay healthy, stay safe! 



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