One Day Mural

This is my special service just for people who need some color in their home, and they want it pronto. In 8 hours or less I will work with you to design and install a custom mural in your home for a flat rate of $1250. 

Perfect for when you're moving into a place, or if you have a little one on the way, these go up in a day and you get on with your colorful life. Reach out to me to book one!

Some One Day Designs:


Because I am human, these projects are subject to three restrictions:

  1. The wall must be 10' x 10' or less and located in or near Seattle, WA.
  2. We discuss your design in advance to make sure I can paint it in 8 hours.
  3. Installation date is subject to my availability because time travel is not yet possible.

Interested in the full custom package? Check this out.