Happy Equinox!

Hello and welcome to Fall!

I kind of can't believe it is happening. This is us, 6 solid months into a pandemic. And yet somehow life keeps moving on, I'm relieved to see the seasons keep changing and with that the promise that this will pass eventually.

What does fall mean for this artist? A couple of big shifts. As I have mentioned, my work is seasonal and seasonal shifts are when I transition from one medium to another. I have spent the summer making beautiful murals for you and dreaming up new paintings. I spend the fall winding down my murals for the year, and now is the time when I begin to focus on sharing my work for the holidays and settling into my pottery practice.

This means that I have a couple of shows coming up for the fall and the holidays that I will let you know about soon. It also means that my long awaited series of mugs with swear words on them will finally come all the way into being. Keep your eyes peeled, it's going to be a beautiful fall season.

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