Because everyone has a question about something, here are some favorites below. These are focused on questions around ordering and shipping artwork, for other questions, reach out to me.

For questions about murals check out my mural home page, or send me a note


Why is art shipping so expensive?

No lie, it is really, really expensive. For two big reasons. The first is that I cannot fold up your artwork, so it usually needs a really big, often custom-made box. These are expensive to make and ship. Secondly, these pieces are one of a kind, they can't simply be replaced. So I pack them up very, very carefully. This adds a little to the weight and size of the box. The prices on my site are generated by the shipping calculators at USPS and UPS. They include the cost of the custom box, packaging to prevent damage, and the cost of shipping.


Do you refund shipping?

Sadly I cannot, because it is so weirdly expensive. If I get seriously famous, then I will cover it.


Can I return this? It clashes with my cat.

Yes! I really want you to be thrilled with your artwork, and it should definitely complement your life and style- including the cat.  Send me a note and I will organize a refund or exchange within 30 day of purchase. 


Do you take commissions?

Yes! I will have a full commission layout on the site soon, but for now send me a note and we can discuss what you are looking for. Commissions are priced by size and usually take about 6-8 weeks from start to finish.

Keep in mind I am an artist with a specific set of skills and aesthetic, so if you already like my work, style, and colors, then we're probably a good match for a commission. If you are looking for something that does not look like my style and color palette, or you already know exactly the image you are seeking then I will do my best to refer you to other artists who can meet your exact vision.